Thank your taking your time to look at my candidacy. I am excited about the opportunity to run for House District 22. I have lived in the Ken Caryl/Columbine area most of my life. From the time I could run around on the dirt road in front of my house till my wife and I bought our house in the Stony Creek area.I have a variety of experiences in my 40 years from watering plants for chores, working at a video store, to helping run my family business that my Mom and Dad started 35 years ago.

Throughout this time I have seen many things change. Over the last 4 years we have seen an attack on individual rights from overreaching gun control measures, to ridiculous new election laws, and state lawmakers making their personal duty to ruin Colorado’s economy and take away our hard earned money and throw it away like confetti.

I am tired of the lack of leadership held by our current Representative and the lack of common sense and respect that is pervasive at the Capitol. I am asking for you support to be your next State Representative for HD 22